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Guide to Hosting a Hold Em Poker Home Game - Part 1

Playing Holdӥm Poker at home should be fun right? Well thatӳ usually the case until a discussion/argument starts about the rules. Even if everyone playing is familiar with Texas Holdӥm Rules, there are so many variations played in home games that it makes sense to set out the Ԉouse RulesԠbefore the game. Do yourself a favor & spend some time establishing the rules for your Home Poker Game, BEFORE everyone arrives and the game begins.

Whoӳ in charge?

More often than not, the host has the final say on game play. This doesnӴ have to be the case, decide amongst yourselves, but do it before the game starts. If one player has a lot more experience, then it may make sense for them to be in charge. Ok, but what if the guy in charge is involved in a play that is in dispute? Well, be sensible, take a vote from all players on how to proceed and move on!

Does a Straight beat a Flush? Ensure everyone knows what beats what. It will be much quicker to have a printed list of poker hand rankings at hand then to have to hold up play while everyone crowds around your pc while you look it up at your favorite poker site. If you havenӴ already, print off the Poker Hand Rankings article. Better still why not put up the Guide to Poker Poster itӬl save confusion & looks cool too!

Home time! WeӶe all played in games that have gone on and on and on. Yes, IӶe been involved in a game of poker that has lasted 2 days solid. Not as much of a problem if itӳ not your house, (you can just leave when youӶe had enough), but if youӲe the host, you will want to take control of when play will end. Basically, pick a time when play will end ֠and stick to it!


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