In poker, if you keep track, your time has a very specific value Football
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Knowing your hourly rate

In poker, if you keep track, your time has a very specific value. I would argue that your time should have that same value in everything that you do, which is sort of the point of this article. What I am specifically referring to in this instance is someone saying ԉ will only play this if I win a satelliteԮ Not that the act of winning the satellite is the problem because it certainly is not, it just may or may not be in line with your hourly rate. Here are a couple of examples that are my life guide. When I am playing serious poker I am likely doing best at Limit Poker. I can win multiple bets an hour at 15-30 and 30-60 but I have certainly had moments where I have done this at 50-100. This amount of success is a result of a very clear focus and analyzing my game. For this example I am going to say my hourly rate is about $100 an hour but that really only happens when I have an amount of focus I do not normally have. At the moment poker is little more than a hobby and anything that I make is sort of Ԧun moneyԮ Without going into a ton of details my hourly rate at work is between 200-300 dollars. Which is likely the bigger point of what this article is about because that is my true compass. Whatever I do needs to result in a net win at least higher than 200 dollars otherwise it is not smart to do. Of course I could be just doing it for fun which is something entirely different but even by that compass is poker more fun than say a movie or spending time with my kids? Sometimes it is, most times it is not.

All of this course brings me back to ԉ will only play if I win a satelliteԮ If you know what your hourly rate for poker and life was your decision would be a lot easier. In fact, you may learn that satellites are your most profitable way to play poker.


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