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What's the difference between 'vintage poker shirts' and 'poker shirts'? The 'poker shirts' page is for consumers -- all of these items can be ordered directly off the internet and delivered right to your home. The 'vintage poker shirts' page is for retailers -- these items are available at wholesale prices to be distributed in retail locations. Why can't I order the vintage the style shirts off the internet? Our vintage style shirts are now only available in retail outlets and casino gift shops. For regular shirts and other products, click here.

Where can I find the vintage style shirts? Several World Poker Tour tournament locations, including Bicycle Casino and Commerce Casino, now carry our gear. Very soon, you will be able to find our stuff in Atlantic city and casinos along the east coast.

I am a buyer for a casino or retail outlet -- whom should I contact? Click here for whole sale inquiries.

What about bulk orders for my college or poker group? Send us an email and someone will take care of it personally - and we'll give you a discount too.

I've got a rockin' shirt idea, who do I talk to? Click here. What are your most popular designs? Some of our most popular poker shirts include Ԣut they were suited,ԠԐinche Rio,Ԡԉ got a big kicker,Ԡand ԍuck it.Ԡ What are people saying about Hold'em Shirts & Gear? Post from "foley10" at HomePokerTourney.com Forum: I recently got two shirts from Hold'em Shirts & Gear (HoldemShirts.net), and they are awesome. The t-shirts feel good, look good, and aren't flashy like most poker gear. Just simple poker terms which are so straight to the point, and that everyone will understand: like "Pinche Rio" or "but they were suited...", stuff which we've all said or thought at the table. The prices are reasonable, and the service is excellent. I would know, I emailed several times about questions I had. I just wanted to say something positive about a this company and hope you have the same experience.

Post from "Blondie5'8" at poker.meetup.com Forum: These guys make good stuff for girls and the shirts are really nice. Bought four for my friends and me. An email from Marc D: I just found your site. Fantastic products and the articles are the best I've read! An email from Stephanie Seichler: I googled "fun poker t-shirts" and ran across your website on the list. I'd looked at a million other sites, but yours was the only one that actually had the kind of fun shirts I was looking for--something with some subtle humor that didn't scream "Hey, look at my texas hold 'em shirt!" Your stuff was perfect, and assuming the one I ordered suits my poker boy, I'll be back for more. And, I'll be sure to pass your info along to anyone who asks. Have a great day! Another email from Stephanie Seichler: Got your shirt in the mail--my husband wore it to a poker tournament that same night, and won a trip to Vegas!! Needless to say, it goes to every tournament. Thanks for selling me a lucky shirt! :) Post from "E-Perro" at Forum: Did the free shirt thang. Easy, no hassles, and it was...well...free. An email from David Dunham: Thanks for your prompt attention to my request. I look forward to referring many people to your site, and shopping with you myself again in the future. Future plans for the website? Over the course of the next year we plan to roll out a number of additional features for our customers. These include an array of poker articles, new gifts, more poker apparel, and tournament updates. Keep checking in with us, or drop us an email to receive our monthly updates.

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