Standard Payout for 30-40 Person Tournament | Payouts can easily be modified to reward more or less players

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Payout Structures:

Standard Payout for 30-40 Person Tournament 1st 35.0% 2nd 25.0% 3rd 12.5% 4th 10.0% 5th 7.5% 6th 5.0% 7th 5.0%

Standard Payout for 8-10 Person Tournament 1st 50% 2nd 35% 3rd 15%

Note: Payouts can easily be modified to reward more or less players. It is also sometimes a nice idea to include a little something for the first person to bust out (maybe one of our ԰inche rioԠshirts?)

Basic Rules: 1. Cards and chips must be visible on the table at all times. Large chips out front. 2. Players have the right to request your chip count at any time. 3. If the dealer accidentally flips over a card, that card will become the first burn card. The player cannot keep it. If the dealer flips two cards while dealing, a misdeal is declared. 4. No string-bets. Announce that you are betting or raising before you do so. Any other action is considered a call. 5. The cards speak for themselves. Highest cards win. 6. No one ever gets to miss their big blind and no one ever has to pay the small blind twice in a row. If the small blind busts out, then the blinds post their money as usual and the button remains where it is. If the big blind busts out, the next big blind posts his money as usual and there is a dead small blind. 7. The Minimum bet/raise is equal to the BB. Any re-raise must be equal or greater than the previous raise. 8. When it gets down to heads up, the small blind is the button.

Basic Etiquette: 1. DonӴ splash the pot. People should be able to see the number of chips bet or called. 2. Commentary on board cards or possibilities is generally annoying. 3. DonӴ discuss your hand until after the hand has been completed. If someone is trying to represent that they are holding 7/6, it becomes much more difficult to do so when you announce that you folded it. 4. DonӴ rabbit-hunt excessively (looking at what fourth or fifth street would have been.) 5. Once eliminated, it is nice if that player becomes the dealer until another player has been eliminated.



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