Bluff Raising | Although an out of position float is not a particularly threatening prospect

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Bluff Raising

Although an out of position float is not a particularly threatening prospect, a check-raise bluff can similarly dampen the value of your flop continuation bet. That means that you need to tighten up against a player who is capable of bluff raising your flop bet whether or not you are liable to have position on him post-flop.

But the holdings you should be less inclined to play are the weaker broadway hands, which will often get bluffed out when they miss and face difficult decisions when they hit. Unlike floating, bluff raising gives you a new opportunity: the three-bet semi-bluff. Suited and connected hands that will often flop draws gain value against players who like to bluff raise on the flop, because you can shove all in with substantial fold equity and 30% pot equity or more when you get called.


There are two larger concepts to be gleaned from these specific examples. The first is that embedded in your idea of which hands you can play for a raise pre-flop are some assumptions about how you will gain or lose value on the flop. Explicitly considering some likely flop situations in the context of specific reads you have on an opponent can help you to make better pre-flop decisions.

Second, you can often call even looser in position than you otherwise would when you know that the pre-flop raiser is prone to make specific mistakes on the flop. Position magnifies your ability to recognize and exploit those mistakes.

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