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Checking for Pot Control

It may be strange to talk about checking as part of a poker playerӳ ԡrsenalԮ After all, everybody checks; it isnӴ exactly a fancy play. But the truth is that not everyone is capable of checking when they flop something. Many players are so excessively concerned about getting drawn out on that they will always bet when they think their hands is best. What they donӴ realize is that they may be setting themselves up for disaster by folding out hands that might have given action on a later street and building big pots against hands that have them smoked.

Against such opponents, hands such as suited connectors that will often flop draws go down in value whether or not you are in position. You should be less inclined to call raises with them pre-flop, because you will often face a bet that you canӴ call when you flop a draw. You can call more often, however, with hands that can flop strong, such as pocket pairs, since it will be easy to win a big pot when you hit your set. You can also mix in more flat calls with big pairs and big Aces, since youӬl win more from dominated hands like top pair with a worse kicker than you would against an opponent who sometimes checked those hands.

If your opponent is capable of keeping the pot manageable by checking something like QQ on a K54 flop, then you need to make the opposite adjustments. You can play more suited connectors, since youӬl often get to see a turn card that may improve your hand to two pair or better. However, your implied odds will be worse with small pairs, since your savvy opponent will often avoid losing his entire stack when you flop a set.


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