Multi-Street Bluffs you also may need to throw away weak draws on the flop

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Multi-Street Bluffs

Against an opponent who will fire second and third barrels with good frequency, youӬl need to tighten up pre-flop and on the flop, even when you have position. It wonӴ be so easy to steal from him on the turn, which means youӬl need more of a hand to call the flop, which means youӬl need to narrow your pre-flop calling range to hands that can withstand more post-flop action. Weaker broadway hands like QJo will be very difficult to play, since you may face a tough decision even you make top pair.

Smaller pairs become more valuable, however, because even though it may be harder to play them for their showdown value unimproved, you will almost always know where you stand when you flop a set. Plus, an aggressive opponent who often fires a second barrel on the turn will lose bigger pots when you do hit your set whether he has a strong or a weak hand. Thus, you should often slowplay big flopped hands like sets against these players, knowing that you will often win additional bets whether or not they improve their hand.

Particularly when out of position, you also may need to throw away weak draws on the flop. A bare flush draw, for instance, cannot count on getting a free river simply by calling the flop, and thus cannot call a large bet. Furthermore, because your opponent has a good mix of bluffs in his range, there is also no guarantee that heӬl have a hand to pay you off even when your draw does come in. Thus, both your immediate and your implied odds are decreased, and a fold will often be correct.


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