Harrington on HoldEm has made the flop continuation bet nearly ubiquitous

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Giving Up on the Turn

Harrington on Hold ҅m has made the flop continuation bet nearly ubiquitous, even among casual players. Consequently, flop bets get called a lot lighter these days, and better players will occasionally follow-up their continuation bets with bluffs on the turn and sometimes even the river when they suspect that you donӴ have much. More straight-forward players, however, will bet almost any flop after raising pre-flop but then give up on the turn if they have less than top pair or a good draw.

Knowing which kind of opponent you are up against can make a world of difference to your flop play. From a game theory perspective, optimal play dictates that a playerӳ range for betting again on the turn contain a good mix of bluffs and value bets. Failure to bluff the turn with a good frequency is a leak that you can and should exploit.

If you know that your opponent often gives up on the turn, you can call his continuation bets extremely light on the flop. Any pair or any draw, even a gutshot, can be enough to see the turn when in position against a very predictable player. If he bets again, you fold unless youӶe improved your hand, and if he checks, you take the pot away from him with a bet of your own.

Stepping back further, the ability to make a play like this enables you to take more flops in position against such a player. Against an opponent who uses continuation bets well, you ordinarily must consider not only your equity against his raising range pre-flop but also the frequency with which youӬl be able to continue past the flop. Knowing that you will often steal profitably on the turn enables you to call with less of hand on the flop, which in turn enables you to call with less of a hand pre-flop. Against a raise from someone who gives up very predictably on the turn, you could conceivably play almost any suited hand with a broadway card or suited two-gapper on your button, since youӬl be able to call the flop with as little as a gutshot draw.


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