The Bluff Raise | From straight-forward players a raise on the turn or river

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The Bluff Raise

From straight-forward players, a raise on the turn or river nearly always indicates a monster hand, often a good two pair or better. If you suspect your opponent to be incapable of a bluff raise, then you should rarely play for pot control on the turn. Suppose, for instance, that you hold a medium-strength made hand such as top pair or a weak overpair. When your opponent calls your flop bet, you suspect that he has either a draw, a worse pair, or a slow-played set. Many players will check the turn here for fear of building a big pot when they donӴ know where they stand. But straight-forward opponents will let you know where you stand! You can bet again, expecting worse pairs and draws to call or fold. If your opponent raises, you have an easy fold, since he will almost always have a set or something that improved to two pair. This bet extracts additional value from weaker pairs and avoids giving a free card to draws without the risk of losing value to a bluff raise, since you donӴ expect your opponent to make such a play.

An important exception occurs on the turn when stacks are such that a raise will enable your opponent to put all the money in. In this case, many players will stick it in with any hand they want to continue playing. But when they raise with money behind, they will have a very strong hand.

Against opponents who can bluff or semi-bluff raise the turn, youӬl need to check one pair hands more often, or be willing to felt them to a raise. This can be very dangerous to do from out of position, however, since you wonӴ necessarily know what to do if your opponent bets the turn and river, either. Thus, your best option may be to check medium strength hands on the flop, especially when out of position. Although youӬl actually get less information about your opponentӳ hand, the pot will be smaller and his range will be wider, which makes it easier and more profitable for you to take your pair to showdown.


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