Online Poker we opened play money accounts on Pacific Poker and had some fun

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Online Poker We were hooked now, though, and decided to explore this ԯnline pokerԠthing we had heard so much about. Too paranoid to play with real money, we opened play money accounts on Pacific Poker and had some fun, though it quickly grew boring. Imagine our excitement when Pacific one day dropped $25 into our accounts for no reason! We couldnӴ cash it out, of course, but why would we want to?

I sat down immediately at the .01/.02 table, moved up to .10/.20, and cashed out $25 twice before going on a sick run to get my account up to $125 (over the course of a few weeks). I decided to cash out $50 and take a run at $1/$2, because $75 is more than enough to start playing $1/$2, right? BUSTO. I was disappointed, but didnӴ really care, because it hadnӴ cost me anything to play and IӤ already cashed out $100.

The only thing that bummed me out was that I was out of action. Once youӶe played for real, thereӳ no going back to play money. Logan and I still played our heads up games and hosted the occasional poker night, but he graduated early, and it looked like I was going to spend spring semester pokerless.

Then I heard about freerolls. Pacific wasnӴ offering freerolls at the time, but a site called Poker Room had them twice daily, with thousands of fish battling it out for $500 in prizes. Registration opened an hour and a half before the tournament and filled up within minutes. I used to set my alarm or run home from class in order to make it in under the wire, and if I was too late, IӤ sometimes spend half an hour clicking the ԲegisterԠbutton in the hopes that someone would unregister and forfeit his seat (this was generally successful if you were patient).

Eventually I cashed for $10 in one of these puppies, dropped $5.50 into a 10-man sit and go, won that, and then blew it all at $.25/.50 while waiting for the afternoon freeroll to start. Bummer. Eventually I got fed up with the Poker Room freerolls and decided to see if Pacific had started offering them. They had, and it wasnӴ long before I won one for $75. I wasnӴ going to repeat my mistakes, so I started grinding it out at the $5 sit and goes, which had a very favorable structure and were preposterously soft. I of course knew very little about sit and go strategy, but I knew that as long as I could get 7 of these clowns to bust out before I did, which was rarely difficult, then I couldnӴ lose!

It was a great, low variance way to build a roll (not that I knew those terms at the time, but intuitively, I got the concept), but believe it or not, one tabling $5 sit and goes gets kind of boring. I craved the excitement of the big tournaments, but I was scared to drop a precious $5 or $10 into anything with several hundred players, where in all likelihood I would win nothing. I took the occasional shot, and sometimes I was able to stall into the money, but my short stack play was preposterously weak tight (Iӭ pretty sure I was raise/folding AQ with like 15 BBӳ left in a $5 tournament because youӲe not supposed to call a reraise with it.)

One day, though, I realized that only the No Limit tournaments got so huge. The morning $2.75 fixed limit game rarely got more than 100 runners, and I won it on one of my first shots, cashing for $87. As usual, I was playing weak tight, but Pacific sucks at balancing tables and adjusting the button when players bust out, so at the last few tables I think I dodged the big blind like 5 orbits straight, eventually tripled up with AA, and the rest was history.


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