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How to win at online poker As weird as it may seem to you, with all the newbie players flocking to online poker rooms these days, the game is still not exactly easy to beat. As weird as it may seem to you, with all the newbie players flocking to online poker rooms these days, the game is still not exactly easy to beat.

The explanation lies in the nature of Texas Holdem (because make no mistake, thatӳ what these rookies are all there for)

Whether they do in knowingly or not, fish make an excellent choice when they decide to hit the Texas Holdem tables. You see, Holdem is the best choice to get started in poker, because itӳ just about the only poker variant that gives rookies fair fighting chances against skilled veteran poker players. Whether that is the reason for its popularity or vice-versa, I donӴ know, but I do know if youӲe going to get your can kicked by a rookie in poker, it will certainly be at a Texas Holdem table.

First of all, Texas Holdem provides a much bigger luck-induced variance than Omaha or Stud. In layman terms: the luck factor is going to have a much bigger influence in Holdem. That will work in the rookiesҠfavor to start with. No matter how well you play and how clearly positive EV tells you to commit on a hand, if someone gets lucky and outdraws you. Omaha, on the other hand, is a game of nuts. If a rookies makes decisions based on luck, in Omaha he will get fried 90% of the time, compared to about 60 in Texas Holdem.

Another factor that will make dealing with rookies difficult and thus extremely frustrating, is schooling. You know how fish crowd together whenever a predator approaches in order to confuse their foe? In much the same way, rookies act together as a team against good players at the Texas Holdem table, even though most of the time they have no idea theyӲe doing it.

IӬl give you a quick example so you understand ԳchoolingԠbetter. Letӳ suppose you flop trips and you decide to generate some action into the pot, at a table full of fish. YouӲe pretty glad to see three of them decide to play your game, so you let them have a ball. When showdown comes, youӲe surprised to see two of them acted on nothing, but the third one made his backdoor straight and outdrew you. All right, suppose youӲe only faced with one such player instead of three? What are the odds of him outdrawing you the same way he did it before? Exactly three times less than before when there were three of them around. Not only does this example show how schooling works, it also gives you a couple of pretty good reasons to be much tighter on the cards you allow for your opponents, after youӶe already made your hand.

Another lesson that this example teaches is that the more players there are in a hand the least positive value you have on it. You need to cut back on their numbers to improve the odds. How do you do that? a little bit of preflop action should convince at least a few of them to muck it right there, and those who decide to call you may leave some pretty welcome dead money in the pot once they too fold after the flop.

Besides the schooling and luck factor, youӬl also run into other issues that make winning Texas Holdem extremely frustrating.

This game is a game of small edges. Whether weӲe talking about off-the-table edges, like rakeback, or in-game edges, these are the only advantages that will matter in the long-run. Sure, you can get lucky every now and then, just like fish do, but that wonӴ do much for you in the longrun. Fish are strong as a unit, a group, but individually none of them stands the slightest chance to become a long-term winner with the negative EV plays theyӲe making.

Despite the fact that youӬl be faced with such plays all the time, adopting them yourself is not an answer. You have to stick to your positive EV plays no matter how frustrating it becomes, and fine-tune your strategy here and there to counteract the effect of the luck-factor as much as possible.


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