Every reasonable poker player knows that playing properly bankrolled

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Building a poker bankroll

Every reasonable poker player knows that playing properly bankrolled is one of the cornerstones of successful poker play. Few people have the means or are willing to invest serious sums into poker though.

While it is a very interesting, entertaining and sometimes exciting game, itӳ still a game for most of us. This is why most players try to deposit a reasonable sum, in order to build that up into a bigger bankroll, as they become better and better at poker.

Some people are so thrifty, they hate to waste a single cent on it, but they still like the idea of making money through online gaming. Then again, some people just cannot afford to deposit any money at all.

Online poker has come a long way from its humble beginnings though, and nowadays, people can play real money online poker without actually depositing a single cent anywhere. Some poker rooms will give you free bankrolls, that is, small amounts of money you can use to kick-start your poker bankroll. DonӴ you believe though that theyӶe just given you the key to fabulous poker-riches though. With that much money, and with the kind of odds involved, Doyle Brunson himself would need a truckload of luck to pull it out. Anyway, there are certain things you can do to maximize the odds of you being successful, even before you actually start playing. First of all: do sign up for some sort of rake return or cash-back deal. These will make sure you get an added edge on all hands that you play, and believe me, at the end of the month, youӬl be glad you signed up, when your bankroll is boosted by unexpected funds. The second thing is: avoid cash-games as much as you can in the beginning. While your bankroll is feeble, you are exposed to all sorts of dangers, and nowhere are these dangers more prominent than in cash games. In a cash game, youӬl pay rake on every single hand that you play. That rake will be directly proportional with the size of the pot, so no matter what you do, you wonӴ be able to escape it. Few rookies know this, but youӲe even paying rake when youӲe not winning. As long as you actively take part in a hand, youӲe paying rake, win or lose. In a cash game, (unless you play with rakeback) surviving is not something you get any credit for whatsoever. If you break even after 4-5 hours of play, take it upon yourself, not to feel disillusioned and why not, frustrated. Play in STTs. You minimize the rake that you pay (one-time tournament fee) and you get a lot of value out of surviving. You donӴ have to be the best to win money here, you just have to finish ITM. If youӲe a survivor, youӬl get due credit for it. Compared with MTTs, STTs offer a much better chance for each individual player to finish ITM. Having to beat or at least survive a few thousand players is not the same as having to deal with 7 of them, in order to almost double up. Try to avoid heads up cash games as well. Heads up tourneys are good bankroll builders provided youӲe a reasonable player, but assuming youӲe not, avoid those too. In heads up games, skill takes center-stage. Besides, if youӲe in a cash game, heads up, youӬl be paying a lot more rake per hour than in just about any other type of game. Stick to 10 player STTs, and always bring your A-game. With a little bit of luck, youӬl do just fine.



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