3D Terminator tournaments If you take that player out of the tournament

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3D Terminator tournaments No pity. No remorse. No fear. Play Terminator tournaments and get paid for every player you knock out Šbut watch your back because thereӳ a price on your head too.

With a portion of the prize pool going to a bounty on every playerӳ head, Terminator tournaments are all about taking the other guy down. A portion of the prize pool goes on to every playerӳ head (usually 50% but watch out for special tournaments where the proportion changes).

If you take that player out of the tournament, their bounty is yours. The value of each playerӳ bounty is displayed on the table above their username. Whatӳ more, the more bounties you claim, the higher your bounty gets too ֠so you become a more attractive target. Full information on the set up of each Terminator tournament can be found in the in the Ңounty infoҠtab for the tournament. There youӬl see information including; the number of heads each player has eliminated, the total prize amount claimed from bounties and each playerӳ existing bounty value.

Terminator twoA heads-up MTT with your entire buy-in on your head! Played on two-seater tables, players are allocated a heads-up opponent - as players are eliminated tables are balanced. When eliminating a player, the surviving player claims a portion of the opponentӳ bounty value, with the remainder being added to their own head. Terminator Xtreme Sit & GoӳTen seat Sit & Goӳ where 100% of the prize pool is allocated to bounty prizes! As each player is eliminated, a portion of the bounty prize is awarded to the player with the winning hand, with the remainder added to their own bounty prize.


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