The biggest secret in online poker | Of all the tips that I found during my three years while playing online poker have received

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The biggest secret in online poker Of all the tips that I found during my three years while playing online poker have received, only one stands out from all other out - be patient.

Patience is all or nothing, which Internet players money.

It is normal that you sometimes for weeks not getting good cards, and a good poker player learns to deal with it. Poker A general rule is that too high a limit games to ensure that you can quickly lose a lot of money, but with impatience to play, you will go broke even faster.

Professional poker players are extremely patient They are not professional poker player, the impatient, because poker is a game that is long-term gains. Even luck plays a role in poker, so the profits go back, but the best players know that poker more ups and downs than on the stock market and the lohnenswerteste plan is to stay consistently and evenly to play. I've heard that there are over 1,400 hours can mean game before you can expect to make a profit. While I do not believe that this is completely true, but I think that poker month for month. Have you played well and consistently, each month with a profit end.

Sometimes you have a terrible losing streak and perhaps for a month. You see, that you lose every month, ask yourself whether your patience problem could be.

There are two types of impatience:

1st Too much use in ruinous leaves 2nd Playing too many leaves

Too much use in ruinous leaves Even if you only the best leaves play, you can still get impatient. They could be too much money on ruinous sheets. Say, for example, you raise three kings and receive three callers. You see that the flop an ace measures (hits) and still make a bet. They will again be increased and know that you are beaten. Good players know that these cards you must resign. Impatient players will not recognize that their ruinos sheet and play it more than it would be the top sheet.

While you with good leaves much want to continue to play, you never make bets, if you are already out. Verpatzen your flop with ace-king ... encourage you not to! Fight another day.

Playing too many leaves They could also play too many leaves. It may be boring for eight hours on your computer screen rigid. That way, some people tired and loosen their game too much, it is easier to call button to click as the game closely.

The best advice I can give you the fatigue and boredom to combat the long meetings accompanied poker, is just to play, if you are aware, since this is your best defense against new players. Otherwise, you will most likely lose your interest in your best poker game to enter and search as a way to happiness. Learn to opt out or to leave the casino when you get tired.



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