Poker key skills Discipline, Monitoring, The switch gear and Manage money

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Poker key skills Discipline, Monitoring, The switch gear and Manage money.


To poker consistently to win is the most important skill discipline. In fact, hang all the other skills of discipline. You must have the discipline to have a good leaf, a good game, the right opportunity, etc. to maintain. Discipline means that you do not play games where you lack the advantage that you do not play sheets that you in trouble, that your money as an expert manage and that you learn from your mistakes. It is imperative that you constantly monitor your emotions and no negative behaviour. Play under any circumstances if you are drunk, tired or emotionally confused. You should also constantly ask you if you play in top form.

Monitoring Study your opponents constantly, and you will learn a lot. Most of the time in which you play, do not take part in a sheet and you should use this time to observe your opponents. Watch as each player plays his hand and use this information against them. It is important to listen to them. Many players will tell you what kind of leaf they reject it or why a particular sheet so and not otherwise stagnant. Try to find out what they have on hand whether you play or not. Play is a sheet with them, you will know what their "Next" bet, call and raise. Give your game the same attention and think you constantly have the whole table in the head. You will notice that some players the game is not complied with, and therefore the image of your table in the truest sense non-existent when you play against them. Hinweisem If you look in the search behavior of your opponent, you are also looking for hints always in your own behavior. Do you think something in an opponent, ask whether you want something not as easy to recognize.

The switch gear

A good poker player is unpredictable and can "change the course." As you do this depends on your opponents and the table. Have you played real poker and are not even the bluff has been caught, your behavior when a good bluff capital. Have you played loose and much geblufft, you are in a position to make money if you have a good picture. Play your players closely, you should open play and when they open play your game should "compress". Try your opponents always one step ahead. What your behavior is not predictable, is the ability by "Changing course" the game at the right moment balanced. Therefore, you should from time to recognize your game, if you long time with the same players, showing them leaves, you do not normally play and change your game to later in a such games to make money. This is not so important when you play online, because people will not be the game so much attention and also because players often switch tables . Nevertheless, if it made the right circumstances.

Manage money

Can you not with your money, it is impossible to permanently win, no matter how well you play. This means that you can only play in games that you can afford and that you know how much you long-term gain. The reason that so many good players lose their money, is that you constantly to limit play, you can not afford. There will be times, which simply for a longer period of time no money even though you play well. You must have enough money to allow it to change poker expected to cope. You should, for example, about 300 times as much money as the maximum use, if you limit hold'em play. If a player with a profit limit and you have 100 times as much as the maximum use and you must always pay or other benefits for your expenditure and your money does not grow, you will inevitably go bankrupt.



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