Short Stack Attack With this no limit cash game strategy you do the opposite of playing poker

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Short Stack Attack With this no limit cash game strategy you do the opposite of playing poker, you are destroying the game and your opponents will hate you for this.

Using a short stack strategy in No Limit Texas Hold'em means, you sit down at the table with a minimum stack and try to attack the big stacks. You will use a kind of push-or-fold strategy. When you have a strong hand you will probably not go all-in immediately but you know, that you will do it later.

Go to the table with minimum 15 Big Blinds. Your goal is to double up. If you get a premium hand, make a raise and go all-in on the flop. If you were raised before, re-raise with all-in. With a good hand like middle pair you try to see the flop as cheap as possible, but on a very loose table you can push also with middle pair.

Bear in mind that your all-in as a re-raise is very powerful. If you have $150 in a $5/$10 table and a player before you raises to $40 you can answer this raise with all-in, the player is likely to fold if he does not have a good hand. But the best thing is: there are so many players that will call you with garbage. In online poker reality the short stack strategy (SSS) is often working very well. The reason is, that a player with a big stack probably will underestimate you because you have a short stack. This is just psychology. In fact, with this strategy you often destroy poker games. The opponents will hate you for this and when they start hating you they are more likely to call you with crap hands.

Imagine, you are on a $5/$10 table, your current stack is $120 and you are dealt K-K. A player with A-Q makes a preflop raise to $35 and you re-raise all-in with you $120. If you were a player with a normal stack like $700 a re-raise to $120 is scaring the other player and he might fold. But you are all-in with $120, so the player knows that there will be no more betting, and this makes it easier for him to call you.

Try to steal as many blinds as possible. Players know that you are likely to go all-in preflop or on the flop, so players in the blinds want to avoid playing against you. The more blinds you get the more time to have to wait for premium hands.

If you were successful and doubled up then you can leave the table and choose a new one to start the attack again. Or you continue playing on the same table, but now your stack has grown and you are no longer using a short stack strategy.

The advantage of using a short stack strategy is that you do not have to be a good post-flop player. You know what you do and when you do it. And you will be surprised how even strong players will be irritated by your playing style that they call you with mediocre hands. With this strategy you have to decide pre-flop which hands you bring to war and (in most cases) you decide on the flop whether to fold or to go all-in. It's that easy, you know you goal and the other players will hate you. You just sit back and let the others play the sophisticated poker style, while you just have to deal with the easy decisions.



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