Aggression on the flop Many experienced players will agree with me that I am somewhat obvious statement

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Aggression on the flop Many experienced players will agree with me that I am somewhat obvious statement.

But some players, the only way to learn poker, should see this as good advice. I will tell you, when you flop, and raise reraisen. "Firing" with strong hands. If you have a small to medium-sized flush floppen Assuming you have 8h-10h and the flop is Kh-7h-3h, begin to set. It has 3 advantages: (1) You will receive money from players with no or few outs, (2)) they receive money from players who are out to a Draw, (3) and you can dangerous hands in the pot force. To be sure, a player with a heart Ass not sell, and all bets and raises call, because it is based on a groove flush Draw. That is correct, but it does not always happen that a player an ace or a lady in heart. However, a player the boys have heart and that is the real danger in this pot. If the heart boys in this flop, and there was already a bet and a raise in front of you, you can difficult to assess what you flush is worth. Therefore, when many players when many opponents of the pot are more likely to be ready to fold. Just this reaction, I hope when I flop in this aggressive games. I know that I am no one with a higher flush from the pot will bring. But I want pressure on the remaining players exercise. I remember several pots when I flush a small 5-6 suited or similar point across, and very aggressive gespeilt. Some players foldeten after me and if a fourth heart on the River appeared I have often won. The opponents, me and the flop turn had a strong hand, but no heart. An opponent of the flop foldete, proposed on the table and said "I have Jh/10h/9h...etc thrown away". Since I had geraiset the flop, they believed that I had to put ace high flush Draw. Since many players are intelligent enough to fold if you believe that they are dead, is an aggressive Speil advantage of the flop. Sometimes you throw in this situation a lady high flush draw away. But that depends dvaon to how tight they are.

What should you do if you are the first player to the set, reraist? You might think he has a higher flush. Well, here are my analysis. If I have a small or medium flush floppe and an opponent is, I raise. If that player reraist, pay me and then check to the River. Most of these players had AK or a set and they raise the flop because they do not believe that you already have a flush. So try to exert pressure on you. The other hand, you do not want into a trap. But if you have an ace high flush draw, they are certainly not fold. So it is best that you check and call on Turn and River. By the way - a good tip. When I am with a flop Raise pay and checks on that player-turn, I do. But do not forget, if that player has a flush Nuts, it could the possibility for a check-Raise. So, if he check-raises turn, you are in a difficult point, and it is very unlikely that they make without a flush. It is difficult to fold here, but even after a check-raise to call. How they act depends on the playing style of the opponent. A set of the flop Meet a set I set the flop, I draw a lot of players play slow. But they must remember why it is a slow play. If I Nutflush floppe, I play sometimes slowly around players in the pot to attract. But I play slow, I will hide my excellent hands. If I had 3-3 and the flop comes J-9-3, how many opponents will be to me a set of three, if I do or raise? The strength of my hand is completely veiled. I say: do you start the pot. I like it if I have one or two players with a top pair isolate. Against these hands I haushoher favorite. So I River and to raise any application (except the board is dangerous, eg. J-9 from 3 to 10-Q). If someone use my raises the flop, my reaction depends on my position and the type of opponent. I lie ahead. When I sit in early position and a player raises me, then I reraise and doing a check-raise on the turn. And you are quite sure, is whether your opponents will do if you call the flop and then check on the turn. If that is too difficult or stubborn opponents or he raises you a free ticket to get, you should reraisen and turn again.

A street the flop See my article "I have a groove road point across" to a precise analysis of this issue and to get to know why it is important with this hand on the flop to be very aggressive. What about AK with a good flop? Normally I use AK with a different strategy than the above-mentioned hands. Let's say I have K and the flop is A-7-6 or K-8-10. Many games fire immediately to go. I look at myself first, my opponent who likes the flop. If I had position and a player in middle position is, I calle it a try and turn again to elicit a bet. If he is, I raise and try to isolate him. Most Hold'em games are a bit loose and when one raises the flop, you're hardly the opponents field ausdunnen a Raise Turn on the other hand, separates the men from the boys. AK also has its weaknesses against many opponents, even if an ace or a king floppt. So they better isolate opponents with a worse kicker and 3 outs. If you raise the flop, and at the turn will put opponents with Draws medium pairs or possibly the flop and turn on the call. So instead, they have an opponent with 3 outs on the River 3 opponents, which together 14 outs against your hand. So what do you prefer? So I agree with AK on the flop less aggressive. Sometimes I just wait until the turn, where I have more opportunities someone off.



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