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The heads-up game

Thanks to the Internet, the heads-up game in recent years increasingly gained in popularity.

Sites like e.g. Poker Stars offer heads-up Sit'n'Go's with a buy-in between $ 1 and $ 500. But this is not the only reason the game was so popular, it's just fun and a great opportunity to improve their skill. In short, the heads-up game you can not hide - you pay in each hand a blank and if you wait until they get the aces, you will quickly from the game as losers go out as you wish. Play hands (unless their opponents in front of you has geraist) such as: J4o, A2, K3, the chance that you are familiar with these cards take the appropriate flop is available, you raise with all audio cards and take only the really is not playable cards such as 53o and 72o away. The bluff, reading their subject player and the post-flop game are the heads-up enormously important. Another important element in the Heads-Up is the position, which of course is absolutely crucial element in all no-limit games (with limit play, we will employ later), the position is as important poker, as in tennis of impact . As heads-up when the button is usually the small-blind and thus sets the first act before the flop, but as a last resort after the flop in the series, both have the opportunity to dominance in a sperm and to post-flop pressure exercise. In brief, you should most of your attacks play when you are in position and you should play defensively if your opponent is in position. How exactly you do that depends on the amount of the blinds, if you just before the end of the tournament and the blinds are high, you naturally have a higher risk in any position to come in distress - remember, the main advantage of Buttons is that after the flop 3 Bietrunden, which means that the button 3 (if he wants) times can exert pressure and ensure may be the major part of your stack to these 3 rounds in the middle of the table.

If you consider this approach, this is the first step to the heads-up play to be successful, which is always very dependent on your opponents. Fortunately, if you follow the Council and your opponents of the button again and again from aggressive attack (unless you encounter massive resistance) and defend your blinds when you are not in position (unless you have a monster hand), you will soon know how your opponents react and how his game to game impact your own. If you should find that your opponents applying the same strategy, you can almost be sure that this match into a gruelling small war will develop in which a times times the other player one or the other major sperm wins or loses . If they are at the beginning of the game in distress should be, it is often that you weakness in your game. For example, by calling from multiple Raises or check Raise "Out of position" - which do you play vulnerable or too passive of the button, what it allows your opponent to remove freedoms to you. They bluff too much or too little or predictable govern you? Raisen you too much or too little? If you're too many hands with or take their own momentum from the game? All these are weaknesses arising in the course of the game can emerge, you should notice that there weaknesses in your game, you must immediately your game accordingly and ensure that your game is running again. Poker is not a macho battle, which is about who the most dangerous moves makes Poker is a game where it just comes, who at the end of the game most chips (or the most money) record. In no-limit, this approach (macho Battle) one of the biggest mistakes, what to do. They also worry that your opponent makes this mistake and not you. When heads-up can happen at any time that your opponents strategy mistake (such as the macho battle Leak), so you should at any stage of the game your opponents and your own game very closely monitor, analyse and in accordance with the change.

The basic strategy in the Limit Hold'em Heads Up is a little different than in No-Limit Heads Up, as the position is no longer an important role to play (although the position is still important, but not halt it absolutely crucial role to play). Actually, limit heads-up a pure psychological aggressive attacking game. They should be of the button with each hand raise you want to play and as often as possible to aggressively River through when you anything on the board have found what your hole cards somehow improved. If you feel that you have the best maps and to the front, you should try to bring any extra bed. In limit Hold'em (as opposed to No-Limit Hold'em) you can get some more serious mistake (although it sometimes advantageous to you, if your opponent thinks you would not bluff bar) without having to go so the entire batch lose in the end you can not afford but many small mistakes, because that would certainly dazufuhren that you eventually lose the game. High Limit players who play this format usually hyper aggressive, Raisen and Reraisen Preflop with marginal cards just to confuse your opponent and try under any circumstances to take the initiative to make it as difficult as possible for the opponent to make their actual global strategy to penetrate. Although the No-Limit prolonged conflicts are rare, because at some point one of the two players make a mistake and a decision will be, it can limit the hours of game sessions, as the luck factor of a player and to other changes at the end of the wins, what with the psychological challenge of the changing luck factor and mental stress better deal.

When the last section of limit heads-up by too much stress for you to listen, you should perhaps first with some low buy-in Heads-Up Sit'n'Go's start, where things by itself eventually find a final and where You can start in your post-flop game to work and then sometime later moving into other formats. If you are heads-up too passive, too aggressive or too uncoordinated to play, you will see the error in the heads-up notice very quickly and you have a good chance your game to continually improve. In normal ring game would otherwise be years until you recognize your weaknesses and her game improved because of it.



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