One of these ingredients are pot odds. But what exactly are pot odds and how are they calculated?

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Pot Odds

A successful poker game consists of several important components. One of these ingredients are pot odds. But what exactly are pot odds and how are they calculated? With Pot Odds compares a player's chances to complete his hand with the potential profit if it succeeds him. What sometimes as a call appears lausiger is actually the result of good pot odds in favour of a player, the call was actually mandatory. For example: If you already have $ 50 in the pot and you are a bet of $ 2 must call to the River map, you have pot odds of 25 / 1 These are huge odds and if you something of a straight or a flush Draw, a pair or even just 2 over cards, you should probably call because you have very little riskierst and an opportunity to have a large profit. If you are at this stage in the game are, this means that you have something in this pot have invested. Let's take a look at that, of the $ 50 pot at $ 10 came from you. This means that you invest $ 2, perhaps $ 40 to win. Las us a second example: You're in a $ 2 / $ 4 No Limit game in the big blind position. There are 10 players at the table and the player who was the first, increased to $ 8th Two other players call these Raise, and the small blind also raises $ 7 purely to mitzugehen. What are your pot odds now, should you decide to call? $ 8 + $ 8 + $ 8 + $ 1 (small blind) + $ 7 (small blind call) + $ 2 (your big blind already in the pot). The total of $ 34, the Pre-flop of the pot, and it cost you $ 6 to flop to see. 34 / 6 = 5.66. Call gives you your pot odds of about 5 ? to 1 While it makes sense, a bad hand fold, such good odds a call every now and then justify, especially if you Suited connectors on the hand.

You can pot odds on a different way to your advantage, in which you your opponent give good pot odds and it therefore will bring, Raise your call. Let's say you hit a full house on the flop. The flop contains two cards of the same color. Most players would now check to their opponents into a trap to lure, but the more experienced players would understand this. In this case, small bets on the flop and turn the best idea. Especially if one or more of your opponent a flush hinterherjagen. If your small bets on the turn and the gecalled River and the River card your opponent's flush, then you have him with your little Bets good pot odds, to a greater Raise River on the call.

Attempts Pot odds to your advantage, but would go with them. There is little sense of a bet on the River to call just because you call offers good odds if you know that you can not win.



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