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Common Poker Terms

Aces Up: A pair of Aces with any other pair. Action: Betting or raising. Advertising: Bluffing with a poor hand or raising with a big hand and showing it after no one calls. Ajax: Ace-Jack All-In: Betting all of your chips. All Pink: A flush containing either diamonds or hearts. American Airlines: A pair of aces. Anna Kournikova: Slang for Ace/King. (Due to the initials AK and because it looks so good and so rarely plays up to expectations.) Ante: A prescribed amount posted before the start of a hand by all players. Back Door Flush or Straight: A drawing hand that requires a player to hit two running cards on 4th and 5th street. (Ex: You have two diamonds in your hand and there is one on the flop. You have a "back door" flush draw. If you hit running diamonds on the turn and the river, you made your back door flush.)

Bad Beat: To have a strong hand beaten by a hand that had a low percentage chance to win. The Beast: Three sixes. Belly Buster: An inside straight draw. Also called a "gutshot." Bet: To place a wager. Betting Pattern: The tendencies of a particular player to act in certain ways in specific situations. Big Blind: The larger of the two required pre-flop bets, used to force action. Big Slick: Ace-King in the hole. Blank: A card that has little or no chance of being valuable to anyone in a hand. Blind: A required bet made prior to the dealing of the cards. Bluff: A bet or a raise with a hand that has little or no chance to beat the other players should they call your bet. Board: In Texas Hold'em the board is the set of five community cards which are dealt face up on the table. Boat: A full house. Bobtail: An open ended straight. Four cards of consecutive rank that will make a straight with the addition of one higher or lower card. Bottom Pair: Pairing the lowest value card on the board. For example if board is 6,10,K and you have a six in the hole but no 10 or K, you have bottom pair.

Brokeback Mountain: Slang for a pair of Queens. Bull: An Ace. Bullet: An Ace. Aces in the hole are often preferred to as "bullets". Button: The player who is in the designated dealer position for the duration of a hand is said to be "on the button" This player has a positional advantage as he will act last on each betting round. The term "button" arose from the round button-like disk used to designate this player in casino games. Buy-in: The minimum amount of money required to initially enter a poker game. Call: To equal a previous bet without raising. Calling Station: A player who often calls but seldom raises making him impossible to bluff but easy to beat with good cards. Capped: In limit poker this term describes the situation when the maximum number of raises allowed on a single betting round has been reached. Chase or chasing: To continue with a hand that is probably not winning in an attempt to improve to a winner. Check: To waive the right to initiate the betting in a round, but to retain the right to act if another player bets. Check-raise: To waive the right to bet until a bet has been made by an opponent, and then to increase the bet by at least an equal amount when it is your turn to act. Cheese: An extremely poor starting hand.

Cold Call: To call a previous bet or multiple bets on the first round. Cold deck: Used to refer to a deck that a player feels is not yielding an average number of playable hands. Community Cards: The cards dealt face-up in the center of the table that can be used by all players, in combination with their own cards, to form the best possible hand. Cowboys: A pair of Kings Crabs: A pair of threes



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