Poker face alone is not enough. Many poker beginners feel at poker, there is not a hair and always a cool poker face up

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Poker Tells avoid

Poker face alone is not enough. Many poker beginners feel at poker, there is not a hair and always a cool poker face up. This is the case with the poker face really very simple: it is totally regardless of what kind of poker face you decide - with sun glasses or without, aggressive or relaxed, cool and friendly.

The main thing you have always the same poker face! With the Poker Tells because it is a bit complicated, because an author is an uncontrolled behavior patterns of a player to the other players at the table to draw conclusions on the strength of your hand. The good news but is uncontrolled is not uncontrollable. We want some assistance, the most common Tells be avoided.

The "hit list" of the most popular Tells include trembling hands and pulsating veins, the look into their own or foreign chip stacks, the change in their position, chew fingernails, with their hands in the face rumfuchteln, sudden stopping or beginning to talk, sudden attention, Fast Callen, increase or check, controlling the hole cards. How can I avoid these Tells without ruberzukommen diagonally. Our tips are: 1st Comfortable seating position, which over time can be maintained, so you do not suddenly forward or backward moves. 2nd Chips stacked clean and clear. 3rd By watching the hole cards waiting to get in line (referred to Tell with the sudden attention to avoid). 4th Always the same approach when looking at the hole cards. After watching a few seconds wait until you foldest, callst, erhohst etc., tend upside down so that the eyes are not visible. 5th During the hand always the same distance to the table. 6th Before setting about how to set and then it will remain. After setting the chips back into the original position to return. 7th Announcements at the table in short, clear and loud enough so that they not be repeated. A short 'Raise', 'Reraise', 'All In', 'Call' last. Always possible with the same voice announce. 8th Always check the same way, whether you have a check-Raise plans or blufft. 9th While a handful possible move no body parts (feet, legs,ũ 10th While a handful possible, not the facial expression change. 11st At the table we can unkommunikativ. Eye contact and discussions with the opponents to a minimum. A question of opponent to ignore the poker table is not impolite. 12nd The foregoing conduct repeated hand for hand. After a while, your opponents do not observe more closely because they have no differences! 13rd If it difficult to adjust his hole cards to remember, it should at EACH flop, so that your opponents draw no conclusions. That is exactly 13 tips have become, you should not unsettle. We wish you much luck at any implement!



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