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The name says it all

About the diversity and importance of poker Screen Names. They are imaginative, suggestive, clever or simply crying funny. As varied as the poker player before the PCs are so varied at the different platforms Poker occurring Screen Names. How many frustrating hours, many probably already a player for the birth of a new Screen Names on itself, which also reflect his personality, intimidated opponents and their own creativity in the world should hinaustragen ... Poker Pros The relatively fantasielose variant, with the attempt to intimidate the enemy, the election of a pro poker name or reference to the same. "DanielN86", "Negreanoooo", "TexasDolly1" or "BrunsonFan" send clear signals, but they are quite boring example. Known starting hands The situation is similar with Screen Names such as "Pocket Rockets", "Bullets" or "gorillas". The allusion to the good hands actually not much more than the knowledge of Poker Lingo and says relatively little about the player behind the mouse.

Poker Movies / film heroes Others try the film world to the poker tables of the World Wide Web to collect and leave it a rather unkreativen impression. Even if the films are great, such as the cult strip poker Rounders, are names like "MikeMcD346" or "TeddyKGB23040" is not just unique Screen Names, as the name attached figure easily recognize.

Age The number at the end of a screen name is not rare and "only" a reference to the age of the player. "Martin63" will probably born in 1963 and not 63 years old. The age of his opposite player to know can help anticipate the type of game style, but it must not. Not every player over 40 plays tight and not everyone goes with each Jungspund Top Pair All-in.

Allusions Something imaginative already come since the variants "Sooted" or "RiveredAgain" thus. While the first may have the fish makes fun of any two cards suited to play the second could be a reference to deliver a player, the more times "on tilt".

Grass & Co. Who in online play like a joint in his hand, which is hereby also in his choice of name is not often behind the mountain, as the name of "blunt", "highboy", "pothead" or "bongshot" suggest. Easy prey? Not necessarily! Some can only take place after a neat mix the pot odds correctly calculated.

Babes Female Screen Names are also popular among men. Although still a poker-dominated domain of men, it shows the rising number of female pros that vigilance is required if female names appear on the table. A female screen name to choose to make the male players to be underestimated, and then right to strike, may also neatly into the pants.

Summary Names like "Iplaynaked2" or "Empty Seat" are definitely in the division "really strange". In addition, they once again a clear reminder that at the poker table is absolutely no matter whether you're a professor, poker films have or what your favorite hand is, because at the green felt are the first cards for each the same.



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