This brings us to poker. Here is my opinion for many people the same problem

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Tilt - a mathematical perspective

Many years ago, 1975, I left my home at Virginia Tech and started as a statistician for the United States Census Bureau to work. There, I found myself in an office with several well-trained statisticians. It was always a statistical journal around and there was always an article to read.

After a few months there had worked, my boss gave me a recent article, which already found other quite interesting. Unfortunately, I remember neither the title nor the author nor the Journal, in which he listed. I apologise for this unknown author, because I do not duly appreciated. In the text it was a mathematical definition of humour. I am convinced, Tilt follows the same pattern, with a big difference. In order to understand this, but we need first to define a continuous function and a Unstetigkeitsstelle. We use this very simple (simplified) Definition: A steady feature is a line or curve, which is on a sheet of paper from left to right can draw, without the pen should be discontinued.

In other words, it is like a line, but not necessarily a straight line, look on the left side of the paper and starts on the right side stops. If it is necessary the other hand, the pen should be discontinued and at another point weiterzuzeichnen, so that there is a gap, then this is a Unstetigkeitsstelle. The function is not at this point all the time.

The article argued that humor is based on Unstetigkeitsstellen in the logic of the brain to process. It was following the example that I as well as possible would like to play: A young woman searching for a friend. She had but certain claims. She said her friends, her future husband should be small, but well dressed. Your friends presented her a penguin. First of all, this little joke is funny. It also includes a logical discontinuity. A penguin is small and appears to be well dressed, but it is obviously not a suitable friend. The brain processes this discontinuity, however, sees it and find it funny. The fact that the brain can understand what happened, makes it funny.

Two other examples of humorous discontinuities Groucho Marx aka Captain Spalding: One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. I will never know how he came into my pajamas. Or W. C. Fields: There is no man in America, has never had the secret desire, a baby to replace them. I think the discontinuities are two examples, as well as in the example with the Penguins from the original text, obviously. We recognize the logical discontinuity and understand the logical error. Therefore, we laugh.

But what happens when there is a logical discontinuity and we are the logical error does not understand? Then there is humour instead of a short circuit in the brain, or it gets into an endless loop like a bad computer program. This leads to frustration and, in extreme cases to irrational decisions. I almost never tilte if I play poker, but there is something else, where I occasionally go on tilt. This is in tennis. I play since my childhood, long ago, tennis. Every now and then I miss an easy ball, you do not miss, or I miss more balls in succession, or I throw the ball not just when I aufschlage etc. My brain looks like something as unthinkable. There is no logical way in which something can happen, because I already play so long and am too well. It happens, however, and reveals a logical Unstetigkeitsstelle. In contrast to the above examples humorigen but there is no solution. I am not in a position to recognize that a penguin no potential friend for a young woman is not an elephant in the pyjamas Captain Spalding fits and small children will not occur. My logic fails, there is no resolution. At least it seems so. This brings us to poker. Here is my opinion for many people the same problem. When several hands after losing not understand why their aces not hold, or have difficulty if it is bad, then it is logical discontinuities. The person on tilt, it seems as if these events were simply impossible. Their logic circuits are blocked, while from the brain to process information in a kind of loop land. How, then, is this the solution? It is fairly simple. We understand poker and the associated probabilities better. Once we better understand that you lose with aces, it is very possible, and ultimately likely that several hands after losing a persistent bad run can catch without having to tilt to go. Indeed, we see good players who are known not tilten, after a bad beat mostly laugh. Your brain has a solution for the discontinuity. Instead it as a frustrating process, you will see chips in the wrong direction, as "elephant in my pajamas." You can find these strange events, not frustrating.

In our forums, I have already written several times that a good understanding of poker is the best cure for Tilt. Now, most of them understand my reasoning. Tilt is not a feeling of "fight or flight", but something humoriges, which is necessary for processing logic fails. Once you have enough information so that you do not land in a loop, should tilt the past.



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