Everyone has seen many poker players from amateur to professional levels completely give away their hand without a word ever being spoken. When this happens in poker
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Some Poker Tells

Everyone has seen many poker players from amateur to professional levels completely give away their hand without a word ever being spoken. When this happens in poker, it is referred to as a ԴellԮ It is an action or change in your normal poker face or behavior that signals to the other players on if you are sitting on that dream hand or possibly bluffing. These subtle changes can completely through off your game or provide you with an edge if you notice another playerӳ tells.

Here we are going to discuss what to look for and what some of the common tells are and what they mean.

The Eyes: Window into their thoughts The key to this tell is that the eyes always tell the truth no matter what is actually coming from a playerӳ mouth. If you have not noticed, many professional poker players wear accessories that cover their eyes to prevent this tell from occurring. Typically, this is accomplished through visors, caps, or sunglasses. There are two distinct eye movements that can give away your hand. The first is giving your cards excessive attention. Knowing you are sitting on that high hole card can just cause you to lose track of your surroundings as you gaze at it longingly. Unfortunately, while you are drooling over your cards others are noticing. If noticed, this will cause players to quickly bow out of the hand, and you will lose picking up some extra chips.

The second major error that occurs in the opposite case, bluffing. You are looking at an Ace, Five off suit, but looking to pick up some chips. You place that feeler bet that is enough to make a solid impression on your fellow players. Unfortunately, you begin to look about the table watching for players to count chips and the amount of eye contact they have placed on their cards. You have done this attempting to figure out their next move and the possibilities of the other players folding. However, you have also allowed for others to pick up on your overzealous wandering eyes and discovered that you are not sitting on the hand you had originally presented. Now, you have lost the edge. It is crucial that when you are sitting on good or bad cards, that you be conscious of where your eyes are and for how long.

Facial Expressions: Subconscious Tells This is another tell that is attempted to be eliminated by covering as much of the face as possible, commonly through caps. This allows for you, as a player, to avoid unnecessary eye contact with other players. The less eye contact the less chance you have of being caught in a nervous or intense stare down that can cause a falter from your normal behavior. Facial expression tells are also primarily known when a player breaks their consistent response to repetitive hands. This is typically know from things as obvious as smiles or wrinkling of the eyebrows so something as subtle as a twitch or tic of the facial muscles that would be harder for you as a player to know is actually occurring. The key here is to discover these elements of you facial features. Focus on removing these elements that result in a tell or make the tell itself consistent. The consistency in itself eliminates the action from being a tell. There are many tells in poker from a players hand gestures, chip stacking, body language and many others. However, eliminating these two tells will definitely assist you in taking your game to a new level and allow you to pick up those chips you have been losing. Remember, it takes a while to break a habit. Patience is crucial to eliminating these tells. The most difficult part is noticing them. This is most often accomplished by watching videos of your games or having a third party help keep an eye on these subtle tells.

Tell or No Tell in Online Poker Rooms

In case of online poker room you might not suffer from any of the above mentioned tells but still there are some signs which can be observed here too.


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