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Play Online Poker Rags: cards with little chance of winning. Raise: To increase the amount of a previous wager. Rake: The percentage of each pot which is kept by the house as a playing fee. Re-raise: To raise again when a player before you has raised. River: The final card of the five community cards dealt in Hold'em. Rock: A tight player. Rockets: A pair of Aces. Royal Wedding: King-Queen. Rush: Several winning hands in a short period of time. A player who has won 4 out of 5 of the last pots may be said to be "on a rush."

Sandbagging: To check with what you believe to be the best hand with the intention of check-raising or raising on a later betting round. Screwed Down: A player who is extremely tight may be said to be "screwed down." Semi-bluff: Betting or raising with a hand that has a good chance to lose the pot but may be able to win if it improves or happens to be the best hand at the time. Set: When your hole cards combine with the board to make three of a kind. Showdown: The final act of determining the winner of the pot after all betting has been completed. Shuffle: The act of mixing the cards before a hand. Siegfried and Roy: A pair of Queens. Slow-Play: To check or call with a very strong hand with the intention of raising on a future betting round. Spike: To catch the river card you need to win the pot. Small Blind: In a game with multiple blind bets, the smallest blind. Snowmen: A pair of eights. Split Pot: A pot that is divided among two or more players who have tied for the best hand at the showdown. Stack: The available chips a player has in front of him.

Stand Alone Hand: A hand that may be able to win without improvement, such as a pair. Steal: To bet or raise with a weak hand in an attempt to win the pot without a contest. Steel Wheel: A-2-3-4-5 suited. Straight: Five cards in consecutive rank. Straight Flush: Five cards in consecutive rank of the same suit. Suited: Cards are of the same suit. Throwing a Party: When one or more players at a table are entering nearly every pot and refusing to fold regardless of the strength of their hand or hands. Tight : A player who is selective about opening hands and therefore plays less hands than the average player. Tight Game: A game which has several tight players. Tilt: To begin betting and raising recklessly, especially in reaction to several frustrating losses.

Top Pair: Pairing the highest card on the board. Tournament: A poker competition, normally with a set entry fee and prize structure. Trap: Check-raising with a strong hand. Turn: The fourth card dealt on the board during community card games. The third betting round. Under the Gun: In Hold'em the first player to act on a betting round. Weak: A player who folds more often than normal. The Wisemen: Three Kings. Wheel: A-2-3-4-5 straight. The lowest possible straight. Wired: Paired hole cards. A player with a pair of Aces in the hole is said to be holding "Wired Aces". Play Online Poker



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