Since I am going to be unavailable most of the week I thought it might be cool to revisit some cool articles from the past

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Chau Giang story and poker with Nelly Since I am going to be unavailable most of the week I thought it might be cool to revisit some cool articles from the past. This was from Phil Laak, when he blogged here.

As far as time goes in the blog world this story is old. But I canӴ help myself. The story dates back to the weekend of August 25th, 2007. (Two weeks ago ֠The weekend before Harrington won the 1.6 million at the Bike). On a plane ride from LA to SD I heard a funny story and I wanted to retell it here.

Michael Kelly hosted a charity poker event at The Ivy, his hotel in San Diego. He spared no expense and the event was a blast.

Random side noteƴhe reason I missed the Legends turny was because of a home game that started on the 25th and then went way longer than expected. Probably wouldnӴ have missed my flight back ңept that Nelly (the rapper) drifted in at about 6 am that Sunday morning and the game just turned into too much fun. Having fun is important. And subsequently I ended up bailing on the LA turny. Brandon Adams walked into the game right before our flight to LA and how he passed up that game was beyond me. Scheduled flight or not, I couldnӴ figure it out.

But that is not the storyŠthe story is this.

Chau Giang, Johnny Chan, myself, my buddy David, Eddie Cibrian , his wife Brandi, and Bruce Parker all hop on the plane (from LA). It is about as short a flight as they come, but I had no idea how much I would be entertained. (Thank you Michael Kelly for having your private jet get us all down there by the way!)

It turns out Chau Giang had not slept yet. (Whatӳ new?) The guy is one of the true legends when it comes to enduro sessions. He had put in another all nighter at the commerce. Anyway, he is half asleep when he starts telling some random story to David, Johnny and I.

I was so taken aback by the story I had him repeat it as I wanted to make sure that I got it right. Sadly, I may have some of the exact numbers wrong but here it is in its near perfect state.

Chau was playing at the Commerce the night before. He started playing some form of limit poker (canӴ remember which) with a guy heads up. (Either 100/200 or 200/400) He beats the guy for about 9,000 dollars. His opponent then makes some sort of comment about how he is broke and how it sucks and all.

ԁre you really broke?ԠChau asks. ԙupԠhis opponent answered. And with that Chau tells the fellow that he canӴ takes the last of his last money. Chau tosses the stranger a thousand dollar chip, and tells him it is a gift and that they should quit. At this point a new player points out that the guy was broke before they started to play! He continues to explain that the guy is getting backed and points to the backer. Chau asks the fellow if this is true. The fellow confirms. Chau then saysŠwell then, letӳ keep playing. Give me the 1000 dollars back and letӳ go. So the guy tosses the chip back and they continue to play. Of course, you know where this story goes. Chau keeps winning and eventually the backer guy quits. The total damage was 17,000 if I remember correctly. This time Chau abstains from the 1000 dollar chip toss at the end. (His opponent started broke versus Chau getting him broke.) Instead, there was a Դhank you for the game sirԠsort of ending and both gamblers went their merry way. Chau up 17k, the opponent still broke, and the backer stuck 17k! Maybe you just had to be there. We all got a good laugh out of that story. Chau really is one of a kind. Thatӳ for sure.


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