Multi-table tournaments can be frustrating | Play against the table and not against the chip leader

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10 Multi Table Tournament Tips

Sometimes you play four hours to take the money ranks withdrawal. Multi-table tournaments can be frustrating. Sometimes you play four hours to take the money ranks withdrawal. And then you reach the Bubble retires but shortly thereafter, as a auffressen the blinds.

Today I give you 10 tips that you will hopefully closer to the final table.

1st Pick your moments carefully Callen Do not All-ins with hands, as AJ suited KQ.Wenn or a player in early position with more chips than you go all-in - fold your AQ or 55th There are certainly better situations.

2nd Make sure the flop on Draws If you every 5 hands go all-in, it will take until at the final table. Raisen your strong hands, but not immediately put your entire stack on AK, because if you do not make you lose even against a pair of two. Be sensitive and raise his flop to be seen. If a king, sat in Pothohe. Foldet your opponents, you can look forward on the profit. Sometimes, two such hands once more profitable than doubling, but less risky.

3rd Keep an eye on the flop Pocket Pairs The temptation is great in a pot with 3 players an all-in with QQ call, but I personally would ask the reasons stated in Item 1, fold. The chance that QQ against 3 players good enough, is relatively small. A hand like QQ preflop geraist should be careful of aces or kings on the board, which might help your opponents.

Some would say that is weak-tight, but you do not listen to those people. Why should you be eliminated simply because you have a pair?

4th Play against the table and not against the chip leader Here's a helpful tip: Do not Look permanently in the lobby. You do not sit with 1100 players at the table. You have no control over the chip leader. The only thing you can do is opposed to the 8 players at the table to play. So it's not necessary to constantly look how far you of the Top Ten away. Even if you are short stack, you can still win the tournament. It often happens that players who know how far behind the top Fled, much riskier. So stay away from the lobby. 5th Do not Limpen problem with hands KJ suited look good, but in middle position should this hands fold. Limpen players too often with such problem hands. The only thing you with KJ suited want to see the flop are Straights and flushes. Save your chips and play (raise) the hands of the button only if up to you gefoldet. The same applies to TJ, KT, AT etc. 6th Do not despair Certainly, it is annoying if you only 10xBB left, but patience is a virtue. Play continues to be good hands and you do not start Kamikaze Poker, in which you position in medium kit QJ All-In. Two hands later you might get AK. Wait and use your position, or go with a pocket pair or strong ace All-in. It would be a shame if you many hours playing with one hand like KQ would put in jeopardy.

7th Do you know what your opponents want to do They are shortstacked button and it pays off to steal the blinds. The big blind chip leader and is very loose. You have J-5. I would fold in this situation, because you know that the BB call and he only needs Q, in order to beat you. Are the blinds you to pass much time you have a better hand to play.

8th Re-raise strong hands Flat calling can be profitable, but what you really want is to increase the pot and more information. If you have AA, for example, re-raise the Raiser. This agreement is a pot, for it is worth mitzukampfen, and you take in this hand the initiative. If you just call and he missed his flop, you win only a small pot. Do you have a hand like JJ, re-raise you and get more information. If your opponent re-raises again, the chance is high that this pair has an over. Raisen is good call is bad. 9th Leave your ego outside before Wen half your stack with AK against A7 lose, do not in the hunt for that player. They will not recover your money by running risks. Shake it off and make good decisions. Ego is the fuel for tilt. 10th Take care of to This is really tip # 1 Be sure always to be concentrated. If you are tired because you have worked all day and you can hardly keep your eyes open, then you do not play MTT. You can create a tournament with only one awake spirit.



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