Once we have the Valhalla of a poker tournament have achieved - the final table - we must rethink our strategy

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Multi Table Tournament - The final table

Once we have the Valhalla of a poker tournament have achieved - the final table - we must rethink our strategy. At the final table plays the game mainly preflop, so you have little information. If you kartentot, which can easily happen, you need to be aggressive. In this article I will accept some things: For example that everyone knows at the final table, which he hand with which to push M or how he must play strong hands. I will assume that we are not short but a stack Average ahead.

Find a victim The first players on what final table must respect, is the Payouts view and its own stack with the opponents to compare. A short stack is the first victims. None will be the first to leave the table, and there are many players who are most final table next to fold up another short stack out. Of course Payouts comes with every player of the period. If the chips must be set, you should also do so. And is it not better you play against one of the many chips in front of you and you get this? That means we are looking weak player with a lot of chips.

To the weak players to realize it may be useful to statistics from sites like OPR to use. Here you will find plenty of information about players. For example, you do not have players with a high ROI as a victim. This was certainly a player has often been at the Final tables. You can against these players with "any two cards" a few steals re-try, as this kind of player usually fold after a Raise. Sometimes you have enemies, of which OPR shows you that you have gained little. These players sit often for the first time at the final table and pay more attention to the Payouts than on the situation. If these players have a high stack, you can easily steal their blinds, because you only play premium hands. The same applies to players who have only $ 5 MTTs have played and now at the final table a $ 50k guaranteed tournament sit. Then there are players who for a $ 80k in prize money but has a low ROI. These players are experienced, but also Gambler. This call your all-in steals much more Because almost every coin flip. Adjust to this and steal only with strong hands. Statistics from how OPR can really be very helpful. Even with all the information from OPR, you should also use the notes, you are in the earlier stages of the tournament of the players have made. It can easily happen that a player who has not previously have noted, the final table eigenartihe suddenly makes moves, either from fear or lack of experience. I have mentioned before that final table at the most action preflop play and you see a few show Downs. But regardless of the showdown, you can identify weak players. For example, a player had a stack of 750K and 120K to raiste UTG UTG (20K/40K blinds, Ante 2K). Each foldete up to the Big Blind, 190K with the All-In went and then the IR foldete. If you see something, you know that you think of this player can bring many chips as he does not understand the game. So we use it. Indians next hand, he was in the BB and I raiste to 120K from the cutoff. He raiste to 240K and I went all-in. And as expected, foldete the type and lost much of his stack.

Another concept that many players do not understand is Cooperation Play. The BB and I had some of 250K at 5K/10K blinds and a 1K ante of the SB and was shortstacked with 19K. Each foldete up to me at the button and instead raise I called. A marginal hand I know, but I made so clear that I, along with BB SB have wanted out. As expected, the SB went all-in - and the foldete BB! I called and lost the hand was not made, but that was a clear sign of the BB, the game does not really understand. I find this course players from the SB raise, 4x row and finally I threw him the fifth time in the tournament, when he went all-in and I with a pair of kings called. Aggression and bluff stack They should not only seek your victims, but also to situations careful where you preflop fetch a pot. Unfortunately, it often happens that at the final table get a few good hands, so you'll need from each situation the best professionals. Against a button Raise try to steal, is a good possibility. Make it with hands, as suited connectors or small pocket pairs. Of course there are also risks. If the button or SB decides to call invest more if you do not Be miss the flop. With the re-Steal want to win the pot preflop, so you can not bluff. There is nothing wrong because after the flop fold. They have tried and it did not work and you have a few chips lost, but you are still in the process. For a re-Steal I recommend: it must not contain more than 1 / 3 of my stacks and my M costs should remain at least 5 if I lose the pot. Note that this applies only if there is a good stack at the final table. There are situations where I suited connectors or small pocket pairs all-in will go, but that happens only when I'm short and I doubled. Take advantage of the short stacks Each of the raises could have a hand or just want to steal the pot. As I previously mentioned, the Shorties will observe each other just a place higher for Payouts to rise. Use it

For example, blinds are 25K/50K with a 3K ante of each foldet to MP (stack = 460K) on 150K raises. Everyone folded to me in BB (stack = 1.5 million) and I think 5s-6c. I use the All-In Shorty. "Why do you do that?" a friend asked me using Skype. The reason is the following. Will I gecallt and lose, I still more than 1 million in chips. My hand is live and I have a chance. But the most important reason is that the Shorty only 210K. So I thought, there is a strong likelihood that he foldet. Often there are other Shorties, in front of him to pay the blinds and his chances increase that it takes place before he retires from the tournament. Because I exerts pressure on Shorties, can often Potte nice to win and if not - you need only one road to floppen.

I have in this article decided to find out more about situations than hands to speak. I believe that this is the final table from the difference. They are not often sit at the final table and if they are often kartentot. With the right information about their opponents and the analysis of situations, make your life much easier.



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