This was an account of the big game at the Bellagio, on this day they were playing anywhere from 300-600 to 500-1000 no limit pot limit mix

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This was an account of the big game at the Bellagio, on this day they were playing anywhere from 300-600 to 500-1000 no limit pot limit mix.

I twisted Brandon AdamsҠarm a long time to write a blog, we have had various dealings from a business perspective but of all of my friends Brandonӳ life might be the most interesting. The funny part is that the most interesting stories Brandon tells have nothing to do with poker. By nature Brandon is very private and ultimately he decided to stop blogging. He still plays in some monstrous private games, his first blog brought a lot of gawk factor to the site, at that point the big games in Vegas were running full steam and Brandon was a central figure in all of them.

This is from 2007 I talked to Brandon every day during this period, really gave me a lot of insight into the mindset you need to be a gambler at the Highest Stakes. Towards the end there were basically no bad players at all and the games were virtually unplayable.

OK, I donӴ love blogging but my man Beanie talked me into starting one.

Hereӳ a quick summary of the summer so farŮ I went to Vegas for a weekend in early May after I finished Spring teaching and I never left. I feel like IӶe been in Vegas way too long. I donӴ read newspapers. I get my news from the Ballyӳ news ticker on the corner of Flamingo and LV Blvd. I live at The Venetian. I have not eaten in for a meal in three months. My only exercise is hitting golf balls to train for a golf prop bet vs Erick Lindgren. Results-wise, I was a big winner in cash in May and then was down marginally in June. I final-tabled the 1500 PLO rebuys and went out 6th (terrible beat for chip lead), but Iӭ down about 50k for tournaments (I played the HORSE and spent 30k on the 5k PLO rebuyed נI bubbled the latter).

July is off to a good start. I was a big winner last night in a 300-600 nl/plo game at Bellagio. Bobby Baldwin and I started the game at around 9pm. Brian Townsend joined at about 10.40pm. At 11.30, Rick Salomon (star of the Paris Hilton sex tape) joined for a couple of hours. Zigmund from Full Tilt (Ilari) joined at about 1pmŠI donӴ know how many drinks deep he was but it seemed like a huge amount. He played extremely aggressively the whole night and apparently he went totally crazy after I left (at 9am). Iӭ guessing he was a half million winner on the night.

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Late joiners to the table included Nenad Medic, Ralph Perry, John Hanson (2nd in 50k HORSE), and Kenny Tran. When players are tired or drunk, they become easier to read based on body language and the likeŮ. I felt like making reads was my major source of edge in the game. I think Kenny lost but it should have been a great game for him. I have incredible respect for Brianӳ game (I think that in three years heӬl be one of the top ten overall poker players in the world), but in a live game I would take Kenny anyday. The reads that Kenny makes on a day in, day out basis are simply unbelievable. I have never played with anyone who reads players better than Kenny and picking up a read on him is impossible (Jason Strasser once said something like, ԉn my next life, I hope Iӭ as calm as Kenny Tran.ԩ

WeӲe going to start the game again at 7pm and I think Sammy is going to join the fun. We may kick it to 500-1000.


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