A few weeks ago she won the Women's World Poker Open II in London

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Party Poker ladies' world champion Soraya Homam in interview A few weeks ago she won the Women's World Poker Open II in London. Now there Soraya Homam exclusively for poker Olymp information about their careers. In an interview with poker Olymp reported the freshly baked world champion who has 15 years of professional poker is about the beginnings of their careers and their career. In 2000 won the player of Iranian descent in the European Championship Pot-Limit Hold'em and has been for many years to the regular guests in Wiesbaden Casino. At the German Open 2007 they landed on rank 3 and thus secured $ 41,337. In early October this year in London, she won the Women's World Cup and a $ 50,000 prize money. The interview offers interesting insights into the poker world before the current boom and the difficulties of a woman in a pure male domain. Soraya Homam, with many players sat at the table, the picture plane disappeared, not only because their bank roll was exhausted. However, she lived for 15 years from their sport and not only they themselves remained, but - even by the poker - to a mature personality.

We are very pleased that Soraya Homam in the future as a regular writer in poker Olympics will be active. And here the interview: You have just in the PartyPoker Women's World Open II, the title fetched. What does this triumph for you? I was very pleased that I am the champion title of the women could get to Germany. Furthermore, I was deeply touched when my long-time friend, Ben Roberts from London, my Full Tilt Poker has proposed for me and these have sponsored this tournament. That has given me extra drive. I thank Ben and Full Tilt Poker for the confidence that they have placed in me. After seeing two years ago a severe blow to accept private had symbolized this title until quite a lot for me. You have many years ago started to play poker. What was the situation then? Almost from the beginning, since the casino poker in Wiesbaden is offered, I am here. There are now over 15 years. Here I have for the first time Seven-Card Stud learned. Before I played a few years Draw poker and backgammon in my friends. We played seriously, but with low use, but had a lot of fun. Then played in the casino and poker exclusively men was not only generally frowned upon, but especially for a woman. In addition to the casino all went to blackjack, roulette or Bakkarat to play poker was not as in vogue today. How did you find time to work on your game? Back then there were hardly any poker reading in German, if at all only in English. I've tried at the beginning, me through careful observation of the game and each player orientation. In addition, I have dinner after the match some important hands reconstructed. I was particularly helped myself to critically observe my own mistakes to recognize and to work. But even if I have a very good decision and thus had succeeded, I will also reconstructed and then even praised me. It sounds perhaps infantile, but I did it.

It reports a little bit about the fact that you are a woman who is of Iranian descent, with poker began. How they know with certainty, has become apparent that despite the fascinating democracy and freedom in Germany is not yet the equal rights between men and women have achieved. As a woman I could for this reason and because of the dominance of men in the poker scene difficult to realize. Here, it played no role, whether I was a foreigner or German. It was just my first hurdle, which I had to overcome. The next hurdle was that my friends and family always firmly opposed to poker, and with this burden, I still play. I thought to myself, I would at the casino with such refusal confronted not. But was not so. Many a macho, who himself played there every evening, took the right out to me repeatedly to explain that "this is not the right place for me was' or 'do not send so often to come." Since I then the present, severely not acquired self-confidence had come to me often doubt. I wondered whether perhaps they are right and I am a big mistake? But I wanted to poker and to me it abrieten played itself every evening. I realized through a very painful process that they themselves and their patriarchal mentality had to change, not me. So I sat as a woman always between two chairs, I stood open and covert resistance against. On the one hand as a German woman and for some as an Iranian woman in the casino simply had nothing to do with. Nevertheless, I also have many good experiences with men andersdenkenden done here I think immediately of my longstanding colleagues, as Ulli Gerloff, Mickey Finn, Ben Roberts, Joachim Hempler, Thorsten Heu?ner and some other emancipated men. As a child you have against the resistance of your school to join the chess-AG until disputed. To what extent was this experience for your poker career important?

At the beginning of poker at the casino, I thought, this time it will be unlike chess a breeze, because the obstacles seemed to me then not to exist. Unfortunately, I had deceived me, it was anything but easy, unlike then, when my masters wanted to eliminate me and my classmates respectfully accepted. In the poker scene, however, was everything the other way around: The few poker pros as well as the hall bosses and employees of the casino in Bad Homburg and Wiesbaden treated me respectfully called me and always welcome, but the mediocre player or which are believed to be good players and Some sympathizers were not in a position to respect me. Probably they have never been women, compared with the necessary respect learned. What you see connections between chess and poker? When playing poker at the beginning for me the gains of money is not the overriding role, but rather the fact that I use without physical, just with my head and intense thought, could be successful. That was when I learned chess. It was inconceivable to me that something I could do what I have than 13-year-old girl wanted to do. It was extraordinary, my brain cells were working for me and nobody could stop me. What struck me on the first evening in Wiesbaden Casino most enthusiastic, was the fact that I had discovered that my independent thinking, my self-focused thinking to develop. Thinking of my opponents in advance to detect and accordingly in a matter of seconds to act or react. All these and many other niceties, the most so far in my brain as a passive reserve were available, but a long time in this way not to use came, I realized. I experienced a similar connection at the poker table, as I had experienced on the chessboard. Always stay relaxed and friendly You have your greatest successes in Texas Hold'em, today's dominant variant, won. Is that also your favorite game?

We then mainly Seven Card Stud, but also unusual variations played. In Wiesbaden or Bad Homburg, there was always debate whether Stud or Texas Hold'em is played, then later came Omaha added. Sometimes we agreed on Dealer's Choice, or just played what was offered. Today, Pot-Limit Omaha my favorite game, which I mainly in the cash game play. Or as I like to say care: Homam is my name, my Omaha game. How is your relationship to online poker? They are active there? As a professional, the Internet is obviously due to the lower cost, lower cost and time of the permanent availability is essential. Nevertheless, I prefer playing live, because the atmosphere and the perception of other players for me are very important. I do not understand how some people twenty tables can play simultaneously. For me there are more than four tables, which I serve simultaneously as the quality of my game else suffers. Would it be a professional poker player does not offer the City of Neu-Isenburg to Las Vegas or in any other poker stronghold to relocate? I have never thought of it because I feel safer here at home and well. It is finished Gambling is an issue that seems to grow in importance. What is in their eyes with the poker: How big is the risk? I think the danger very great that a poker player in the poker than fleeing uses existing problems. Some addicted player, I over the years have experienced, can not simply with money in your pocket go home, they have everything to lose, because that belongs to her about gambling.

What is your tournament calendar in the near future look like? In November, I play first, the Master Classics in Amsterdam and then the German Championship in Hamburg. On 6 December, I play games with the Masters of 2008, in the Ritz Carlton in Berlin. This tournament presents a special challenge, since poker, chess and backgammon are played. We thank you for the interview.


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