He went on to win the tournament, but it is this kind of uncertainty to a poker player

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Again he checked out of his room expecting to get knocked out and catch a 4:15 flight that afternoon, only to again survive and play late into the night and repeat the check-in, check-out procedure the next morning. He went on to win the tournament, but it is this kind of uncertainty to a poker player's business travel that can wreak havoc on his personal life. Greenstein dedicates his 2005 book, "Ace on the River," to the children of gamblers and apologizes to his four boys and two girls, ages 17 to 31, for when he failed them as a parent. Greenstein's flying habits are as variable as they come. For flights to Las Vegas, he prefers Southwest Airlines for its frequent flights from Los Angeles. "Again in typical gambler fashion, I'm very often getting to the gate within 10 minutes of when the flight takes off," he said. "With Southwest I always get on at the last second." For longer flights, Greenstein often borrows friend and Hustler Casino owner Larry Flynt's Gulfstream IV private jet.

The G IV, as it is affectionately known, is a long-range, large jet capable of carrying as many as 14 passengers, according to NetJets Inc., which sells fractional jet ownerships. Another option for flying on NetJets is the Marquis Jet Card, which allows travelers to buy as little as 25 hours of jet time. Twenty-five hours in a G IV costs $319,900. Fortunately for Greenstein, who sometimes uses NetJets, he has generous friends. Flynt charges him only for fuel and pilot time. A flight in the U.S. runs about $12,000; a trip to Europe, about $100,000, which is about the same as what he might expect to win in a big cash game. Greenstein often travels to tournaments with poker player friends such as Phil Ivey and Chip Reese, and they all chip in for gas. As they are knocked out of a tournament one by one, they wait like vultures for their final fellow traveler to get eliminated so that they can all leave. "As soon as that guy gets knocked out, we take off within an hour and a half," Greenstein said. That's the luxury of not being bound to a commercial airline's flight schedule. Gamblers don't like to wait around.

"It's the nature of being a gambler," he said. "We always want to be in action." Like many frequent business travelers, Greenstein is agnostic about hotels. He often travels to casinos with hotels attached, and each one looks like the other to him. "My favorite hotel is the one that has the best poker game," he said. "They all look the same to me, lots of green felt tables." Because he is such a high-profile player, his hotel stays are often provided free by hotel management. Still, the glamour quotient remains low for him. "I've lived out of suitcases my whole life," he said. "Sometimes I run off with no suitcase and just buy my shirts at the hotel. "I've spent so much time in hotels, there is nothing better than being at home."

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