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Setting Up Your Own Home Poker Game


So you managed to get yourself talked in to hosting a Poker Game this Saturday ƨelp (I hear you cry) what does that really mean. I thought I would help out by giving you an insight into a Poker Night that I recently hosted in the hope that it gives you the inspiration youӲe looking forŮ


Of course if you had more time and this was your first home poker game I would recommend reading one of our poker books for some handy hints regarding the basics of poker and if you feel like moving on to a more advanced level then try one of our DVDs.

One of my favorite poker DVDs is Chip Fergusonӳ Chip Tricks Volume I ֠this will mean that if you poker game itself doesnӴ wow them you can be sure your mastery of the chip tricks will ֠it covers basic poker chip shuffling through to the twirl reversed anti gravity poker chip trick (try saying that after a few JDs!)


YouӶe probably heard the term ԫnow your audienceԬ well this is just as important for a setting up a Poker Game and even more so during the Poker Game itself.

Whatӳ vitally important to start off with is the numbers ֠how many people are coming, and be careful of those youӶe invited that have a tendency to invite others (you know who they are). Try to get a clear indication early enough to be able to set things up in a manner conducive to a great game of poker. The numbers will drive the poker table size, the number of chairs, the number of poker chips, the types of poker supplies (dealer button, blinds, automatic or manual card shufflers etc.

The types of people coming will then drive the atmosphere and your other requirements, for instance Poker Apparel (poker hats, sunglasses, poker t-shirts, card guards, spinners etc). Tex (great name for a Poker Player donӴ you think!) likes to turn up with his poker hat, poker pipe and poker slippers. Then thereӳ Jacob who thinks he is so cooool in his Unibomber style (aka real name) hoodie ֠he canӴ possibly smile at any time during the poker game unless of course he has been dealt pocket aces!

The types of people coming also begin to dictate the food and beverages on order ֠Jaine is strictly a diet Sunkist kind of girl whereas Steve is pure JD through and through. Of course, whatӳ interesting is if too little or too much of their favorite tipple is provided throughout the night ֠surprising the difference it makes to their judgment of the odds of various cards being dealt or the order of the specific poker hand rankings!


If you have a room dedicated to poker then thatӳ great. There are great poker themed accessories to create the full poker playerӳ delight. From poker bar tables and poker bar stools through to poker themed pub lamps and poker themed neon clocks. However, with a few well chosen poker supplies you can create just the look needed, whatever your budget. Poker Posters and Signs can create the look you need whatever room of your house you have dedicated for this Poker Nite! POKER TABLE Now this is an important consideration. There are many options from poker table felt, a poker table top, a folding poker table right through to a full size texas holdem furniture style table. Along with all these options you need to consider how many players may be present at any one poker game and the likely wear and tear that would create on your poker table selection. POKER CHIPS Again, there are many options to consider but you should start with the number of players you are likely to have at your games. As a guide the Poker Chips you would need for your home game: 200 Poker Chips - up to 4 players 400 Poker Chips - up to 6 players 600 Poker Chips - up to 8 players 800 Poker Chips - up to 10 players 1000 Pokerchips - 10+ players POKER ACCESSORIES So much to choose from here and so little time! When considering your options here think about how professional you would like your poker game to be or how fun you want it to feel. You could order card guards and spinners for each player that provide that individual feel - for example the big slick card guard. If any of your players are professional shufflers then that's great. Alternatively consider an automatic card shuffler which takes all the hard work out of this. Then there are dealer and blind buttons. These can be ordered individually or in a assorted pack


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