Austrian Unimeisterschaft Concord invited | The flop was a king by Mark hits in leadership

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Austrian Unimeisterschaft: Concord invited After the tournament in Graz, Linz and Salzburg were students in Vienna in Concord Card Casino in a last times. The Austrian Unipokermeisterschaften are at an end.

Nearly 100 students gathered around the master SELECTION. The two patrons Stefan Rapp and Erich Kollmann were, of course, with the game. The two deny again the heads-up duel "professionals against students." As in Salzburg saw it at the start after another defeat for the professionals, before both the helm again in itself could break and the duel with 4 to 3 to decide for themselves.

Revanche succeeded!

The Unimeisterschaft was freezeout with 3,000 chips and 20 minute blinds out. Among the many participants this time there was only one student at the finals could not reach. Harald dominated the finals and Markus Hohl Kohbach their opponents as much as you like. So it was hardly surprising that the two crucial heads-up were compared.

With 8x8x Harald went all-in, and was by Markus with Kc5c gecallt. With this hand was up and down. The flop was a king by Mark hits in leadership. The turn changed the whole, as Harald met his set. The river brought the flush for Markus, and so he must be immediately Viennese students master 2008 call.


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