During the World Series of Poker No-Limit Hold'em

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David Sklanskys - the fateful Pocket Kings In the fourth part of our series "Sklanskys poker" accompany the famous author to a cash game during the World Series of Poker 1975. "During the World Series of Poker, there was a (for the former ratios) giant No-Limit Hold'em game with blinds of 100 $ / 200 $. It was even more money than the blinds suggest, because most players stack of 50,000 $ or more before had. A lot of money for 1975.

Bobby Baldwin had $ 70,000 and was in the Big Blind. He had but for a few minutes away and asked if I just play for him. When the limit is common practice, No Limit, however, is something else. He trusted me his entire stack on.

Six players limpten for $ 200. I found two kings. Oje! I hope you recognize the dilemma in which I was. Everyone knew that I played with BOBBYS money and not too much out of the frame would fall. Raise one from the big blind would be a very strong hand indicates. And then what? If I to $ 2,000 raises, I would be the pot after the flop can steal when no king would. With a $ Raise to 20,000, I would too much money to lose aces. So I just typed on the table to check. The flop came J93 with two hearts. I check. Someone put $ 1,200 and two people called. I foldete. And Bobby never told them. Until now. "


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Bonus Examples Bwin PokerFirst Deposits of Regular Bonus

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