Ace-High A five-card hand containing an ace but no pair | Aces Up Two pairs one pair being aces Active Player

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A Ace-High: A five-card hand containing an ace but no pair Aces Up: Two pairs, one pair being aces. Active Player: A player still in the pot. Advertise: To make a bluff with the deliberate intention of being exposed as a loose player. Ante: A token bet required before the start of a hand.

B Bet: To voluntarily put money or chips into the pot. Bet The Pot: To bet the total value of the pot. Big Blind: The forced bet in second position before any cards are dealt. Usually this is a Live Blind, which means that the player in this position can raise if no one else has before the cards are dealt. Big Slick: The Ace-King card combination. Blind Raise: When a player raises without first looking at his or her card. Burn: To deal off the top card, face down, before dealing out the cards (to prevent cheating); or to set aside a card which has been inadvertently revealed. Button: In all flop games, a small disk used to signify the player in the last position if a house dealer is used; a buck.

C Call: To match, rather than raise, the previous bet. Cash In: To leave the game and convert one's chips to cash, either with the dealer or at the cage. Caught Speeding: Slang for caught bluffing. Check: To abstain from betting, reserving the right to call or raise if another player bets. Also another name for a chip. Check-Raise: To check and raise in a betting round. Come Over The Top: To raise or reraise an opponent's bet. Community Cards: In flop games and similar games, the cards dealt face up in the center of the table that are shared by all active players.

D Dead Card: A card no longer legally playable. Dead Hand: A hand no longer legally playable, due to some irregularity. Down Cards: Hole cards. Down To The Felt: A player who has lost most of his chips. Draw Lowball: A form of poker in which the lowest hand wins. Draw Out: To improve your hand so that it beats an opponent who had a better hand than yours prior to your draw. Drop: To fold.

E Early Position: A position on a round of betting in which you must act before most of the other players. Even Money: A wager in which you hope to win the same amount as you bet.

F Fifth Street: In flop games, the final round of betting and the fifth community card on the board; in stud games, the fifth card dealt to each player and the third betting round (on the third upcard). Flop: In flop games, the first three community cards, which are turned face up simultaneously and start the second round of betting. Flush: Five cards of the same suit. Flush Draw: Having four cards of the same suit, and hoping to draw a fifth to make a flush. Fold: To withdraw from the hand rather than bet or raise; to give up. Four Of A Kind: Four cards of the same denomination. Fourth Street: In flop games, the fourth card on board and the third round of betting, the turn; in Seven-Card Stud, the fourth card dealt to each player and the second round of betting (on the second upcard). Full House: Any three cards of the same denomination, plus any pair of a different denomination.

G Give Action: Betting, calling, raising or re-raising.

H Hand: A player's best five cards. Heads-Up: A game between just two players, often the climax of a tournament. High-Low: A poker game in which the highest and lowest hands share the pot. Also called High-Low Split. Hold 'Em: A form of poker in which players use five community cards in combination with their two hole cards to form the best five-card hand. Also called Texas hold 'em. Hole: The concealed card or cards. Hole Card: A card concealed in a player's hand.

I Implied Odds: The amount of money you expect to win if you make your hand versus the amount of money it will cost you to continue playing. In: A player is "in" if he or she has called all bets. Inside Straight: Four cards requiring one in the middle to fill a straight.

J Jam: To bet or raise the maximum. Jammed Pot: The pot has been raised the maximum number of times, and may also be multi-way.

K Key Hand: In a tournament, the hand that proves to be a turning point, for better or worse. Kick It: To raise. Kicker: The highest unpaired side card.

L Lay Down: To reveal one's hand in a showdown. Lay Down Your Hand: To fold. Limit Poker: A game with fixed minimum and maximum betting intervals. Live Hand: A hand that is still eligible to win the pot. Lock: A hand that cannot lose; a cinch hand. Long Odds: The odds for an event that has a relatively small chance of occurring.

M Make: To make the deck is to shuffle. Make A Move: To try a bluff. Move In: To go all-in. Muck: To discard a hand; also the discard pile in which all cards are dead.

N Narrow the Field: To bet or raise in order to scare off other players whose hands are currently worse than yours, but have the potential to improve. No-Limit Poker: A game in which players can bet as much as they have in front of them on any given round. Nuts: The best possible hand at any point in the game, a cinch hand.

O Odds: The probability of making a hand versus the probability of not making the hand. Offsuit: Two different suits, used to describe the first two cards. Open: To make the first bet. Open-Ended Straight: Four consecutive cards requiring one at either end to make a straight. Overcard: In stud games, a card higher than your opponent's probable pair; in flop games, a card higher than any card on the board. Overpair: In flop games, a wired pair higher than any card on the board.

P Pair: Two cards of the same denomination. Pass: Fold. Picture Cards: King, Queen and Jack; face cards; court cards; paint cards. Pocket: Another term for hole. Pocket Rockets: A pair of aces in the hole. Pot: The money or chips in the center of the table. Pot Limit: A game in which the maximum bet is the total of the pot.

Q Quads: Four of a kind.

R Rack: A plastic tray that holds 100 chips in 5 stacks of 20. Rail: The sideline at a poker table. Raise: To call and increase the previous bet. Rake: Chips taken from the pot by the dealer on behalf of the house. Rank: The value of a card. Each card has a suit and a rank. Read: To try and determine your opponent's cards or betting strategy. Re-raise: To raise a raise. River: In flop games, the last round of betting on the fifth street card; in stud games, the last round of betting on the seventh street card. Royal Flush: The best possible poker hand, consisting of the 10 through the Ace, all the same suit.

S See: To call. Set: Three of a kind; trips (usually applies to a pair in hand and a matching card on board). Seventh Street: The final betting round on the last card in Short-Stacked: Having only a small number of chips left. Show One, Show All: A rule that says if a player shows their cards to anyone at the table they can be asked to show everyone else. Showdown: The point at the end of the final round of betting when all the remaining player's cards are turned up to see which player has won the pot. Side Pot: A separate pot contested by other players when one player is all-in. Sixth Street: In Seven-Card Stud, the fourth round of betting on the sixth card. Slow Play: Disguising the value of a strong hand by underbetting, to trick an opponent. Small Blind: The smaller of the two compulsory bets in flop games, made by the player in the first position to the dealer's left. Split: A tie. Stack: The pile of chips in front of a player. Straight: Five consecutive cards. Straight Flush: Five consecutive cards of the same suit. Streak: A run of good or bad cards. Sweeten: Poker slang for raise.

T Table Cop: A player who calls hand to keep the other players honest. Tapped Out: Busted. Tell: A player's playing habits that might reveal his hand. Texas Hold 'Em: A game of poker in which players use five community cards in combination with their two hole cards to form the best five-card hand. Three Of A Kind: Three cards of the same denomination. Tight: A conservative player playing only strong hands. Top Pair: Pairing the highest card on board. Triplets: Three of a kind. Trips: Three of a kind. Turn: The fourth community card. Two Pairs: A hand with two pairs and any other card.

U Under The Gun: First player to bet. Up Card: A card dealt face-up.



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