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BWIN offers six variations of online poker including those that we have provided a brief overview of below. BWIN is one of the few online poker rooms that offer PayPal as a deposit option.

BWIN Online Poker Variations Texas Holdem has quickly become the most popular poker game played in poker rooms today. The game is very easy to learn and starts with the dealer dealing each player two cards face down. These are called pocket cards and are only seen by you.

After you see these cards, there is a round of betting. After betting is complete three community cards are dealt on the poker table face up called the flop. These cards are used by everyone. After these cards are dealt, another round of betting unfolds. Those left in the hand get to see one more card dealt face up, called the turn followed by more betting then the final card is dealt face up called the river and the last round of betting ensues.

To determine the winner, you combine the five community cards with the two pocket cards to make the best five card hand you can. The highest hand wins. You can use all, one or none of your pocket cards to make the best five card hand.

During the betting rounds, once it is your turn, you have 4 choices to make:

Check - If there are no bets from the players before you, you may check in hope to seeing the next card with no bets taking place. Fold - once folded you concede the hand, no further bets are allowed by you and you give the cards back to the dealer. Call - match the bet that was made by the player(s) that played before you. Raise - In limit poker, these is raising the stakes by a given amount determined by what limit you are playing. No-Limit, any amount to all your money can be raised in one bet.


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