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Sitemap | Casino Articles | Poker Articles | Sportsbook Review Change site language: | Gamebookers Opening account at Gamebookers To open an account it’s pretty important but sometimes difficult ; Gamebookers solved this problem in a very agreeable way. To open an account at Gamebookers takes less then 3 minutes. You will find easily the link which takes you to the registering scorecard and after some simple steps you will finalize your account registration. Each step is easy to follow by registering your own username and password, a very agreeable thing which is rare met at bookmakers. It also has a verifying system of the username and the password which will not allow to use the same password as the username which is easy to find out.Another lovely thing is that you can open your account without deposing money; you can do it later. A special service, which can’t be find at other bookmakers is the message service which offers you information about the results of the bets directly on your cell phone. This is a free service which you can activate at the registration; the only condition is that the bet has get beyond 5 Euro . You can also choose the currency of your account. After the registration you will get an e-mail with the registration dates and in case if you loose it or you forget your password you can get it anytime without any problems. Deposing and withdrawing from Gamebookers After opening your account at Gamebookers you will have to depose some money if you want to bet. You can depose money using credit or debit cards ; the minimal deposing will be 10 Euro without special taxes. If you don’t want to use your card for deposing you can do it through Western Union, Quickpay , PayPal, Paybox, Paysafecard, Netteler, WebMoney, E-gold or MoneyBookers ( Money Bookers is the same company as Gamebookers).As well you can use giro from any bank in the world .We recommend you to use credit card for deposing because this is the quickest way. Gamebookers is using a 128 bite SSL connection which is very efficient for securely banking. This banking lasts between 2 and 7 days. The minimum deposing is 10 Euro. You can any time withdraw from Gamebookers by different methods of withdrawing. You can withdraw money to card only if you deposed it by card; the best method is the banking you will have your money in 2-7 days. You can withdraw money as well using cheque, but it lasts long. Another method of withdrawing is Moneybookers. you have to know that at the first withdraw they will ask for a copy of your identity card. This rule is also present at other bookmakers and it’s very important by legal point of view to prove that you are above 18 and you can bet according to the rules. A small advise: you should scan your identity card and have it on your PC in case if you will need it later.



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