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Its been a tough time for Gordon Brown of late he has had ministers quitting left, right and centre and all thanks to the scandal of the expenses claims which was uncovered by the Daily Telegraph even though all of the political parties have been guilty of putting in claims for moats , massive televisions and duck islands!

However in the UK there is no fixed date like there is in the USA for a national election it has to be in the 4th or 5th year of term and the Government in power is the only force that can set a date for its hopeful re-election so generally they wait till public opinion is in their favour.
Paddy Powers Election Month Odds

100/1 – June 2009
33/1 – July
25/1 – August
12/1 – September
8/1 – October
10/1 – November
16/1 – December
14/1 – January
10/1 – February
8/1 – March
4/1 – April
4/7 – May
6/1 – June 2010

Overall Majority for Next Election
1/4 – Conservative Majority
3/1 – None
12/1 – Labour Majority

Click here to claim your free £30 bet from Paddy Power
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